45-70 405 Grain FP Coated

45-70 405 Grain FP Coated
Brand: Acme Bullet Co.
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Sold in 100 Count Box ACME Bullet Company manufactures 45/70 405 Grain FP (Flat Point) hard cast bullets coated with Hi-Tek Coating.  After the bullets are coated they are then sized to .458 for final product. 

The benefits to shooting with the Hi-Tek line are:  The bullet is completely encapsulated therefore reducing the exposure to  lead.  Less smoke as associated with traditional lubed bullets.  Can shoot higher velocities than regular cast bullets.  Safe in Polygonal rifling. 

Available in 100 count box.


Hardness Brinell Hardness 16
Grain 405
Sizing Sized to .458