Acme Bullet Company


Coated Bullets ACME + Coated Bullets are coated in red Hi-Tek coating.  

These bullets are cast from 92-6-2 alloy  (BNH 16) and are then coated with Hi-Tek coating.  The benefits to shooting coated bullets are numerous and include:

  • The coating molecularly bonds to the bullet totally encapsulating it. 
  • The coating prevents lead to bore contact. 
  • Less smoke than with traditional lubed bullets. 
  • Range Friendly!! 
  • Coated bullets feed well in automated bullet feeders. 
  • Coated bullets may be shot at higher velocities than traditional lubed bullets without lead fouling. 
  • Coated bullets can be shot through polygonal rifling.

    Lubed Bullets Our lubed bullets are cast with 92-6-2 alloy (BHN 16) then lubed with Magma Engineering blue or red lube.

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